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What We Do

Responder Air AR is a real-time Geospatial-Intelligence powered Augmented Reality solution for UAVs. Providing instant situational awareness, clarity and collaboration for a true common operating picture in the most complex environments for decision-makers and incident commanders. The underlying live video seamlessly integrates with 911, GIS servers, and geospatial data and telemetry sensors to provide the intelligence and situational awareness from an aerial point of view.

The real-time cursor on target pinpointing of geospatial locations can relay valuable information to on-scene responders as well as emergency operations centers and enables damage assessments to be done in real-time without close access to the scene.

Public Saftey / DoD

Improved location and situational awareness over video only feeds for enhanced Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue search activities in a real time shared environment.

Disaster Response

Enables Emergency Management and SAR teams to rapidly mark impact locations and share with remote teams in real time and mission review.

Responder Cast Streaming

Provides low latency broadcast for remote viewers.

Responder Air Distributors / Partners

Our Distributors:

Integration / Technology Partners

Our Partner / Distributor Program

UAV hardware and enterprise software partners have the opportunity to integrate the Responder Air software platform into their current solutions to quickly enhance the awareness of UAV pilot clients and their teams on the ground utilizing the the various layers provided from the Responder Air cloud based service offering.

For the UAV supplier community, this program provides you with the opportunity to further build relationships with your clients by offering an easy to use, highly valuable and truly affordable Software as a Service application that virtually any sized customer can benefit from.

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